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DCS Offices
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    Jorpati Distribution Center



    Jorpati Distribution centre is located in that region in which Bhaktaparu DCs lies in east, Baneshwor DCS  in South and west and Melamchi DCS in North.

    Total population : 109430 

    Total municipality : 03, Shankharapur, Kageshwori Manahara and Gokarneshwor

    Total household : 27357

    Electrification status : 90%

    Total household electrified : 22906

    Total population using electricity : 90%

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    वितरण केन्द्रको क्षेत्र:- पूर्वमा मेलम्ची बि.के., पश्चिममा धादिङ बि.के., उत्तरमा चीनको सिमाना र दक्षिणमा नुवाकोट बि.के.

    कुल जनसंख्या :- ४३,३०० (२०६८ जनगणना अनुसार)

    गाउँपालिका संख्या :- ५

    जम्मा घरधुरी :- ९,७७८ (२०६८ जनगणना अनुसार)

    Electrification को   अवस्था :- करिब ९८%

    Electricity  उपभोगको अवस्था :- करिब ८५%

    चुहावट प्रतिशत :- ८.८९


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    Kritipur Distribution Centre




    Kritipur DCS is located on the southern part of Kathmandu Valley. It covers a part of valley starting from Balkhu area and finished at Sishneri and Fakhel area of Indrasarowar Rural Municipality of Makwanpur District. The consumers are of multi diverse society with majority of Newari Community in the ancient settlements of Kritipur and Dakshinkali municipalities. Beside Tribhuwan University, which is one of the largest consumer of Kirtipur DCS, electricity is majorly used for household purpose. With modernization, few commercial and industrial consumers are also emerging in the area. With ample open space and closeness to Kathmandu, household, settlement, commercial building and industrial use is expected to rise exponentially within a few years.

    Total Population : 95554

    Service Area: Kritipur Municipality, Dakshinkali Municipality, Ward No 9 of Chandragiri municipality and ward no 3 and 4 of Indrasarowar rural municipality.

    Total Household : 27013

    Electricity status : 93 %

    Total household electrified : 25122

    Total population using electricity : 90 %

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    Baneshwor Distribution Center




    BANESHWOR  DCS  is one of the DCSs in  Kathmandu Valley which covers the highest number of consumers from  Kathmandu .  The DCS' main branch office is at purano baneshwor and sub branch office is at chabahil along with the no light office at gorkaneshwor. The details about the DCS office are as follows:


    Number of Metropolitan city : 1

     (Kathmandu metropolitan city (wards:6,7,8,9,10,31,32)


    Number of Rural Municipalities : 2

     (Gokaneshwor municipality (wards: 1,2,3,4,8,9)

    (Budanilkantha municipality(wards:11,13))


    Electrified Municipalities : All


    Branches with counters: koteshwor, baneshwar, chabahil


    Nolight services: Baneshwar, chabahil, Gokaneshwor


    Physical Assets : branch office at purano baneshwor , sub branch office at chabahil, no light office at gorkaneshwar , counter at koteshwor


    Administrative details: 

    Total  staffs : 136


    Revenue Details: 

    Average sales unit:         19,953,687.83

    Loss percentage:  7.04 %

    Consumer details (F/Y 2074/75):


    Baneshwor branch :27865

    Chabahil branch :37287

    TOD consumers: 84 (HT), 184(LT)

    Technical Details:

    Number of Feeders: 10(minbhawan grid ), 4(chabahil s/s)

    Supply voltages: 11 and 0.4 kV

    Substations: 1 (chabahil s/s)

    Number of Transformers: 597

     EFFORTS : Baneshwor dcs is in the way to become the dcs with highest revenue among all the dcs .DCS is highly dedicated to make the distribution very smooth with least technical and non technical  loss.  All the wooden poles with the risk  in the dcs are in the phase of replacement . DCS is highly motivated for the service of all the consumers .  

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