वाग्मती प्रदेश, प्रदेश डिभिजन कार्यालय हेटौडा


The Bagmati Province, Province Division Office located at Capital City of Bagmati Province, Hetauda, Makawanpur. This Divison Office Spread Over Chitwan, Makawanpur and Sindhuli District. There are 6 Distribution Centres under this Division office, They are

(1) Chanauli Distribution Centre, Chitwan, Chanauli.

(2)  Bharatpur Distribution Centre, Chitwan, Bharatpur

(3)  Rantnanagar Tandi Distribution Centre, Chitwan, Tandi

(4)  Palung Distribution Centre, Makawanpur, Palung

(5)  Hetauda Distribution Centre, Makawanpur, Hetauda

(6)  Sindhuli Distribution Centre, Sindhuli


Contact Information

Bagmati Province

Province Division Office, Hetauda

Hetauda-10, Bhutandevi, Makawanpur

hetauda.ro@nea.org.np, nea.hro@gmail.com
057524367, 057524471
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