S.N. Tender No Tender Name Company Status Remarks
76 ICB-CHTHSS-073/74-01 Package 2 for 220/132/33 kV Chilime Hub GIS Substation and 220(Hybrid)/132/33 kV AIS Trishuli 3B Hub Substation Transmission Directorate 220 kV Chilime-Trishuli Transmission System Project

Transmission Directorate
220 kV Chilime-Trishuli Transmission System Project

Supportive Docs :

1. Notification
77 ICB-TD-TKTLP-073/74-01 Tamakoshi-Kathmandu 220/400 kV Transmission Line Project Larson & Turbo Limited, India

Larson & Turbo Limited, India

Supportive Docs :

1. Notification
78 UMA /01/2016-17 Detailed Engineering Design and Preperation of EPC Tender Document Upper Modi Cascade (Upper Modi ‘A’ - 42 MW and Upper Modi – 18.2 MW) Hydroelectric Project UPPER MODI HYDROELECTRIC PROJECT

The Request for Proposal (RFP) has been addressed to the following shortlisted consultants:

Supportive Docs :

1. Invitation Letter of RFP
2. Notice for RFP
79 ICB-TD-TKTLP-073/74-01 Tamakoshi-Kathmandu 220/400 Kv Transmission Line Project Tamakoshi-Kathmandu 220/400 Kv Transmission Line Project Notifications
80 UAHEP/ARiQCBS-3 Detailed Engineering Design, Tender Document Preparation, and Construction Supervision and Contract Management of Access Road Construction for Upper Arun Hydroelectric Project Upper Arun Hydroelectric Projec RFP
81 RFP No.:PSRSHDP/NEA/S/QCBS-1 Detailed Engineering Design and Preparation of Bidding Documents for Construction of Upper Arun HydroElectric Project and Ikhuwa Khola Hydropower Project Upper Arun Hydroelectric Project LOI
82 NIETTP/W/NCB-4.6/DWS Supply and Installation of Deep Boring and Construction of Reserve Tank in Dhalkebar Substation Nepal-India Electricity Transmission and Trade Project Selected Bidder: M/s Asian Drilling Company (P.) Ltd. Lokanthali-16 Bhaktapur Bid Price excluding VAT NRs. 5,525,621.56
83 SC–NCB-072/73–1 Construction of Compound Wall and Miscellaneous Works at Tingla Substation Solu Corridor 132 kV Transmission Line Project

Selected Bidder’s name and address: M/s. Khani/BNC Joint Venture, Kathmandu.
Bid price (excluding VAT): NRs. 1,99,26,355.70

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