Generation, Operation and Maintenance

Generation Operation and Maintenance

Sundarijal Hydropower Station

Sundarijal Hydropower Station, located at Sundarijal, 15 km northeast of Kathmandu with installed capacity of 640 kW and annual design generation of 4.77 GWh was commissioned in 1934 AD in a grant from British government. Both the Pelton units, each with 320 kW, are in normal operation and have the capacity to operate in full load when required. The penstock and station flows are part of the water supply system to Kathmandu Valley looked after by Kathmandu Upatayaka Khanepai Limited (KUKL).

The cumulative generation of the station has reached 99.95 GWh till 2011/12 from its first run. The station has generated 4.12 GWh in FY 2010/11 and 4.35 GWh in FY 2011/12 with an increase of 5.43% compared to previous year generation. The generation from this station contributed 0.10 % of the total energy in the INPS in 20111/12.
Type Run of River
Location Sundarijal, Kathmandu
Installed capacity 640kW
Annual average energy 4.77GWh
Maximum Net head 750m
Penstock 1700m long, ?0.61m
Number and Type 2, Horizontal Pelton
Rated output 485kW
Rated speed 900rpm
Rated output 377kVA
Rated voltage 3.3kV
Rated frequency 50Hz
Power factor 0.85
Power transformer 3.3/11kV, 2Nos.
Transmission line 11kV