Generation, Operation and Maintenance

Generation Operation and Maintenance

Chatara Hydropower Station

Chatara Hydropower Station, a canal drop type power station, is located at Chatara, Sunsari with installed capacity of 3.2 MW and annual design generation of 6 GWh. It was commissioned in 1996 AD in assistance from Government of India at a cost of NRs. 162.6 million and was handed over to NEA by Sunsari Morang Irrigation Project (SMIP) on 29 March, 1999. Presently, Unit No. 2 is not in operation due to problems related to turbine runner assembly and electrical controls whereas Unit No. 1 is in normal operation. However, the power station has not undergone any major overhauling since the plant was brought into operation in 1996. The inconveniences to access the turbine assembly and the inability of gates and stop logs to seal the water have restricted the regular maintenance of the units. Team of in-house experts after visiting the site has given recommendations in connection with the repair and maintenance of the turbines. Based on recommendations, the power station has planned to carry out the overhauling of Unit No. 2 this year after procuring the additional spare parts and in coordination with Sunsari-Morang Irrigation Project, Biratnagar.

The generation from this station contributed 0.07% of the total energy in the INPS in 2011/12.
Type Canal
Location Sunsari Morang
Installed capacity 3.2MW
Annual average energy 6 GWh
Maximum Net head 5.38m
Number and Type 2, Kaplan
Rated speed 165 rpm
Rated output 1627kW
Rated voltage 11kV
Rated frequency 50Hz
Power transformer 3500 kVA, 11/33 kV
Transmission line 33 kV, 14 km