Generation, Operation and Maintenance

Generation Operation and Maintenance

Puwa Khola Hydropower Station

Puwa Khola Hydropower Station, run of river type, located at Golakharka, Ilam having installed capacity of 6.2 MW and annual design generation of 48 GWh was commissioned in 1999 AD. It was jointly developed by Government of Nepal and NEA at a cost of USD 15.7 million. It is the only sizable hydropower plant NEA has in the Easten part of Nepal. The station has two units each with 3.1 MW.

The cumulative generation of the station has reached 357.13 GWh till 2011/12 from its first run. The station has generated 31.55 GWh in FY 2010/11 and 28.33 GWh in FY 2011/12 with a decrease of 10.2%. The generation from the station contributed 0.68% of the total energy in INPS in 2011/12.
Type Run of river
Location Ilam
Installed capacity 6.2 MW
Annual average energy 48 GWh
Maximum Net head 304 M
Catchment area 125.1 km2
Average annual flow 2.5 m3/s
Live storage volume 2057m3
Dam Diversion Weir Type, 30.4m Crest Length
Total length of the waterways 3.7 KM
Penstock 1 No., 1001m Long, ?1.10-0.60 m, Steel Pipe
Number and Type 2, Horizontal Pelton
Rated discharge 1.25 m3/s
Rated output 3.3 MW
Rated speed 600 rpm
Rated output 3.7 MVA
Rated voltage 6.6 kV
Rated frequency 50Hz
Power factor 0.85
Power transformer 8 MVA, 6.6/33 kV, 3 Phase, 1 No.
Transmission line 33 kV, 35 km, Single Circuit