Award of Contract

Last updated date : December 12, 2016

S.N. Tender No Tender Name Awarded to Contract Amount Remarks
1 2072/73-NEA/PMD/PSC-01 Project Supervision Consultants of South Asia Sub regional Economic Cooperation (SASEC) Power System expansion Project M/S Power Grid Corporation of India Limited in association with JADE consult Nepal 0.00 US $ 2,026,264 & NPR 13,04,27,000 (excluding VAT)
2 ICB-PMD-MKTLP-072/73-03 Design, Supply, Installation and Commissioning of 220 kV Air insulated Substation in MathaTirtha, Kathmandu and 220kV Gas Insulated Substation(GIS) in Markichowk, Marsyandi M/S Shenzhen Farad Electric Co. Ltd, China

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1. Supportive Documents
0.00 Total: USD 15,693,422.42 + NRs 551,562,110.04 (excluding VAT)
3 TK-V/01/2015-16 Detail Engineering Design and Preparation of Tender Documents of Tamakoshi V HEP M/S Lahmeyer International GmbH, Friedberger StraBe 173, D-61118 Bad Vilbel, Germany 298,269,050.00
4 ICB-TD-TKTLP-072/73-01 Procurement of Plant for New Khimti-Barhabise 220/400 kV Transmission Line (Design, Supply and Install) JV of Guangxi Transmission & Substation Construction Co. & Shenzhen Clou Electronics Co. Ltd. China

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1. Supportive Documents
0.00 Total Price: 14,542,511.81 USD + 616,735,664.58 NPR
5 NEA/DKSHEP/CS/01-2073 Updated Feasibility and Detailed Design of Dudhkoshi Storage Hydroelectric Project M/S ELC Electroconsult S.p.A. (Italy) in association with NEWJEC Inc. (Japan) 0.00 NRs 186664476.12 & USD 5444883.57 (Excluding VAT)
6 ICB/PTSD –072/73–1 Design, Supply, Delivery, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Power Transformers Wolong Electric Group Co. Ltd., Shangyu, Zhejiang, China 0.00 USD 686,700.00 & NRs. 96,55,000.00
7 ICB-SHPPRP-071/72-01 Procurement of Plant for Sundarijal Hydropower Plant Rehabilition Project(Design, Supply and Installation) M/s Power Mech-Pentaflo-Zillion Joint Venture,
H-113 Sector 03, Noida 201301, Uttar Pradesh (India)
105,852,020.38 INR 65,843,265.00 + NPR 404,031.48 (Excluding custom duty and VAT)
8 ICB-SSB 071/072-1 Design, Supply, Construction, Testing and Commissioning of Syaule 132/33/11 kV Substation East India Udyog/Waiba Infratech JV 280,486,736.40 INR 87,853,717.00 + NRS 139,789,008.60 Excl of Tax and Duties
9 RUP-SS-071/72-1 Supply and construction of Rupani 132 /33 kV Substation Sinohydro corporation ltd. and Mudbhary and Joshi construction pvt. ltd. (J/V) 221,789,995.52 USD 587,680.00 + INR 66,375,901.17 + NRS 55,569,137.00 (Exclusive of taxes and duties)
10 KOSHI/G/NCB/VEHP-1 Procurement of Motor Vehicles (Pickup) and Motorcycles LOT 1: Supply and Delivery of 4WD Double Cab Pick Up
G.O Automobiles Pvt.Ltd ,Thapathali, Kathmandu (12,070,554.91)
LOT 2: Supply and Delivery of Motor Cycle
Hansaraj Hulaschand and Co.P.Ltd , Teku, Kathmandu (6,92,002.70)